The Power of Surya Dev: Master of 9 Planets

The Power of Surya Dev

The Sun’s brilliance and radiance are the first things that come to mind when we think of it. The major source of life on Earth is the sun. We also refer to the Sun as our soul. Let us look at the Vedic Story and significance of the Planet Sun in our lives and the Power of Surya Dev through the lens of Ancient Mythology

Guru Purnima: The Guiding Light

Guru Purnima

What is Guru Purnima? Why is Guru Purnima considered so auspicious across the world? How did the festivities of Guru Purnima originate from? There are multiple stories associated with Guru Purnima as per Yogic, Hindu, Buddhist and Jain traditions.  As per Yogic tradition Lord Shiva become the first Guru, the Adi Guru and shared his … Read more


Nothing is more deceptive than the truth. Nothing trips people more than the truth told in the way it is. We are in a world where truth needs proof often. Lies are believed just the way it is. Seldom what appears to the eye could be a deception, and what doesn’t appear could possibly be … Read more


Intentions matter even if your actions fail at the end of the day. So have a sincere and clean intention in your heart towards everything and everyone! May what you think, do, and act be in sync with your intentions, and may the truth always stay and speak through you and elevate you to higher … Read more