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What is Storytelling?

Okay, so you want to know about About Universal Parables. Let me first ask you a question first. Has this ever happened to you? You read or heard something so profound, that it took back you to a different universe, a different world altogether. Maybe it was a book you were reading a movie you were watching or even an experience you were hearing or even eves dropping on from a person next to you. You were so mesmerized by the story or the experience that for a while you forget about your current reality, where you are, and who surrounds you because you were completely transcended into a different dimension of reality.

You do think this is magic? Well, I would say this is the power of storytelling. If you come to think of it, we all are telling some story every time we talk to ourselves, or others, or even when we think to ourselves. ‘History’ as a subject back when I was a kid studying in school was not one of my favorites. But then one day, a new teacher came into our history class and explained a boring dull chapter in the form of a story. To this day I remember the essence of that chapter, I remember being mind-blown by the way how storytelling gives a different and unique meaning and interpretation to the dull boring stuff.

How does Mythology come into the picture?     

              Mythology has always fascinated me as a subject since childhood. The mythology, ancient science, and our Vedic stories are so rich, that I always wondered why do they not teach this in school. Each of our scriptures and mythological stories has so much depth that it correlates to every other situation and emotion we are going through in our daily lives. Our Vedic Culture runs so deep that if we close ponder into the details of our scriptures and characters we might find it so relatable and enhancing in our spiritual progress. I feel when science and mythology are combined, they can create a bridge building the gap between our knowledge and wisdom create wonders, and make our lives a little better.

The stories that my parents and grandparents told me stay in my heart to date and the essence of all those stories is reflected in my daily life. Each of the stories, parables, folklore, and folktales they told me as a child, remain as beautiful memories in my heart and did play a huge part in shaping my life in my growing years. But over the years, those ancient stories and knowledge about our deep mythology culture have become extinct, almost to the point that these days people are completely unaware of our beautiful culture and their significance.

Why categorize storytelling then, you ask?

              There is a story in each one of us. In everything that we see and perceive. Everyone has a different taste don’t you think? Storytelling can range from anything from Mythology, Mystics, Astrology, Life, Food Culture, Books and Movies, and everything under the sun. Then why limit to a certain dimension or aspect of life? We should live limitless and so should be the freedom to perceive the stories to be limitless. The saga of storytelling goes to infinity and even beyond that. When life doesn’t limit us then why limit the blog to just one subject when we can have it all?

About me

  I am Katha, and yes, this is my pen name. What is the name, huh? I am a regular storyteller. Just like one of you.Anyways. Universal parables is just my attempt to rekindle the joy of storytelling and bring the beautiful stories back into our lives that strike a chord in each of our hearts which we lost touch with over the time. This is also an attempt to give back to everything I have learned from these stories.

We are not just living our lives in the human form, just going through life but we are all experiencing life through tiny specs of life in the form of stories! Universal Parables is just an attempt to share the deep culture of ancient stories and mythology. Mythology as a subject has always attracted me and made me curious to know and learn more about the different stories woven into our culture. Hope it brings as much joy to each of the readers as much as it bought to me. I am grateful for all the time and attention you bring when you come to read even a single story on this website.

Happy Reading and Happy Learning🙂

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