They say mirages can be seen only in the deserts.

They are partially wrong.

Mirages are a part of our everyday life.

We hear some bad news, assume it be true and start seeing mirages of all it’s ill effects.

We hope for some good news and start building mirages of all the things we would achieve after that.

We attach ourselves to someone and hold mirages of a living happily ever after.

We loose someone and hold mirages of our lives coming to an end.

A child sees a mirage of growing up and living independently.

A completely grownup wishes to relive his mirage of his childhood again.

Humans build some mirages of the future to safise his hunger of dreams.

While some hold the mirages of past to safise his thirst of good old memories.

Some mirages never exist in the real world.

While others are constantly created by human mind.

Though both of them are just illusions of human world.

They never exist in reality but still exists in our minds and encourages us to walk along the journey from one mirage to another.

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