This is just another word for laziness or escapism of the various activities of life. I just realized that in some cultures, even ignorance and negligence of living life to the fullest is a sin and accounts for Karma. So we better live or at least try to live life to the maximum possibility and … Read more

How do you know

Won’t call it a must watch or even a one-time watch. At so many places, I just wondered to myself what the writters directors of the movie were even thinking while forwarding through the movie. The only sensible line in the entire movie, which made it worth the watch, is that “You are just one … Read more

Creating Big Magic🌈

Aah! What a book, and what a narrative. Simply mind blowing. The author touches each and every scenario one goes through while moving towards their destination. She talks about different perspectives to touchbase everytime you face a hurdle in your way along the process. She explains how it’s all in our heads and up to … Read more

Give it sometime

I just realized today while cooking that if I keep patience and heat the onions enough for some time, they do turn out the perfect golden brown and smell awesome just the way I want them to. Maybe if I give the same chance and patience to life, who knows that might also turn out … Read more


I had seen people yelling and shouting on the streets and thought that they were not educated enough to talk in a civil way, but its not their fault because they did not know better. But today, when I saw white collored people with high education degrees doing the same in meetings. I wonder what … Read more

Just in time

Universe has its own way of delivering to you even if you are feeble in trusting it completely. Just when you lose all the hopes, you bump onto something meaningful just like that out of nowhere, and you wonder if you were ever all alone.