Often, you need to ask yourself what is causing more disturbance? Is your failure to achieve something making you sad or seeing someone else achieving the same, making you sadder. So you know if you have to introspect and find the solution to the problem or inspect the problem itself.

Tree of life

We are all like a tree, born out of a seed of a cause and effect. Evolving into a sapling, growing into a huge tree with branches grounding us deeper with every passing day and year. New leaves blossoming every spring. New twigs and branches spreading wide into the different dimensions and perspectives. Every season … Read more

Changing the world

When changing the world, don’t you undermine the power of youself. You might just be a tiny star dust in this huge universe but a litle change by oneself, one at a time, day by day makes a huge difference. And we need to trust ourselves with the value we are adding to the world!…Just … Read more

My Current Playlist

Often music playlist is associated with rhymes and rhythm, but i think the playlist could consist of anything that calms and soothes the mind. The intruments and artists doesn’t matter but the content does. So for me any podcast which enriches the quality of the mind and adds to my knowledge and growth is my … Read more


What is it in the ocean that all our problems seems so tiny in front of the wide horizon of the blue prism. The huge waves, gushing, washing over all the sadness and emotions, taking off all the disappointments, calming the mind, body and soul!

I am my favorite

Haters will hate you, lovers will love you, people will come, go and change. You will see a new version of the world and yourself everyday you wake up. You will evolve and outgrow yourself. Getting hurt, falling down and getting up is all part of the journey. But the only constant who stays with … Read more

Feel the Strength

You don’t feel strong when you are beautiful rich or intelligent. But the ultimate strength comes from the freedom to say ‘No’. When you don’t have to bow down to the obligations but can reject opportunities which are not worth it, with excellent ease and grace!