The Waiting List!

Life is too short to wait!
We love our parents…but wait for just some other day to tell them

Sometimes we know we are wrong…but wait for an eternity to make it right
We want to take that trip to the beautiful place…but wait for the right time to take time off from work

We want to try that awsum outfit…but wait for that one day to get into shape

We want to leave our mundane job and pursue our passion…but wait for our family to understand our passion

We want to pursue our childhood dream…but wait for the little courage to go in that direction

Someone has made a huge impact on our life in a good way…but we wait to tell them how grateful we are

We are hurt by a friend…but we wait to talk and clear the air of misunderstanding

We want to go and dance on the floor…but we wait for someone to accompany us

We like someone dearly…but

wait for the right time to confess

We want to do something silly which makes us happy today…but we wait for tomorrow

And finally when when the tomorrow comes…we wait again for some other day

A week has seven days…but someday is not one of them

So think twice…becuase life is too short to wait!

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