Trust the timing of your life

‘The Lake House’, a beautiful movie on Netflix, about time. Fantastic cast and wonderfully directed, blended in a beautiful story. Basically it’s about a possibility, that how if you could replay your own life and correct some mistake you did in the past. Of course in the movie, the outcome turns out perfect.
No matter how practical you are as a person, when you complete watching this movie, you think about that something which you could have turned around in the past which could have altered the outcome or basically the present you are living in today!
But just while I was on the chain of my thoughts, I remembered of the novel ‘The Time keeper’ a book by Mitch Albom and I realized, that no matter how enticing that replay could be, the truth is – “Everything in this moment now, is exactly how it should have been”.
So just trust the timing of your life, you are on the best possible track you could have chosen and just trust in time. You can only connect the dots backward, so wait for tomorrow, let the future who is waiting for you unfold. Let go of the alternates in the past, wait and don’t look for what did not happen:-)

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