How do you know

Won’t call it a must watch or even a one-time watch. At so many places, I just wondered to myself what the writters directors of the movie were even thinking while forwarding through the movie. The only sensible line in the entire movie, which made it worth the watch, is that “You are just one … Read more

Creating Big Magic🌈

Aah! What a book, and what a narrative. Simply mind blowing. The author touches each and every scenario one goes through while moving towards their destination. She talks about different perspectives to touchbase everytime you face a hurdle in your way along the process. She explains how it’s all in our heads and up to … Read more

Simply Spendid

If only every movie could touch you in ways and reach to your heart. Make you laugh and cry at the same time. Make you think about your relation with everyone around and most importantly with yourself and reinforce your trust in yourself and life again. About love, life and second chances. This movie has … Read more