Nothing is more deceptive than the truth. Nothing trips people more than the truth told in the way it is. We are in a world where truth needs proof often. Lies are believed just the way it is. Seldom what appears to the eye could be a deception, and what doesn’t appear could possibly be … Read more


Intentions matter even if your actions fail at the end of the day. So have a sincere and clean intention in your heart towards everything and everyone! May what you think, do, and act be in sync with your intentions, and may the truth always stay and speak through you and elevate you to higher … Read more


This is just another word for laziness or escapism of the various activities of life. I just realized that in some cultures, even ignorance and negligence of living life to the fullest is a sin and accounts for Karma. So we better live or at least try to live life to the maximum possibility and … Read more


I had seen people yelling and shouting on the streets and thought that they were not educated enough to talk in a civil way, but its not their fault because they did not know better. But today, when I saw white collored people with high education degrees doing the same in meetings. I wonder what … Read more

Just in time

Universe has its own way of delivering to you even if you are feeble in trusting it completely. Just when you lose all the hopes, you bump onto something meaningful just like that out of nowhere, and you wonder if you were ever all alone.

We are all alike

The human race is not suffering as much because of the differences we have but more because we are all similar and alike. We are mostly hurt and like to project the same on others to lessen our own pain. If only we were different, we would have probably saved each others.