Toby Movie Review: The agony entailing the circle of Life

Toby Movie Review: The movie starts a bit slow in the beginning. But catches up pace with the narrative. This movie captures almost all the aspects of a common man going through his life from his childhood to his death. I had heard mixed reviews of the movies, but went to watch the movie with an open mind. Not expecting a blockbuster or a failure either. But I was pleasantly surprised by the course of the movie and the twists and turns the movie took. Though quite predictable at some points, yet for a single minute the movie does not let you off the hook. The first half is light-hearted and the second half is equally intense. However, I must say the movie covers a myriad of emotional aspects of society and man’s life and his own doing.

Toby Movie Review
Toby Movie Review

Toby Movie Review

The Healing Power of Compassion

Toby Movie emphasizes on how one single man could touch and change the destiny of so many lives around us. How the most violent of souls are impacted by the touch of compassion. The pause and the screenplay show this impact through the touch of healing when the little yet rowdy orphanage is held by the Church father. How kindness and Compassion can change your perspective even when you are not in your right state of mind. You might not change your ways of living but you still do recognize the touch of Kindness even when a breeze of it passes through you. You can’t blame people because sometimes they can only give, as much as they have. And some people did not know better.

Love takes some Madness

              Toby Movie echoes the fact that society could treat a human being as a lunatic and insane person. Yet the same person who is looked down on by society does not think twice before adopting a child left by his birth parents or by the sane society. It might need some level of madness and innocence to leave the prejudice of society and love someone who is looked down in the white-collar sector. But that doesn’t bother Toby, for him, Love is beyond all of the society for him. He has his definition of love which is beyond all these restraints, or rather has no definition of love at all. For Toby, all people are the same, a person’s profession, caste, creed, gender, or origin doesn’t matter.

Father Daughter Saga

              Toby Movie beautifully portrays the bond of a father-and-daughter relationship. By far the most beautiful and pure representation even when they are not connected by blood relationship. Probably if everyone could love and let love with so much innocence. Only a father can sacrifice himself to give a daughter a home and only a daughter would sacrifice herself to save her father No matter how their relationship has stained over time they are there for each other at all times. Their relationship will make you laugh, cry, celebrate, and regret at the same time. The complexities of human emotions, and how far can one go when you lose your way in something that is displayed.

The Grim Realities of the Society

              Toby Movie displays the grim realities of the people living below the poverty level. How the rich get richer and the poor becomes poorer when education is not an option. Making ends meet is the only way to go through life and thrive. At a point, you start questioning the actions of Toby, if his actions were justified or if he was just a slave of his habits. Does an empty stomach have any principles or can careful choices enhance the way you live your lives eventually?

The Addiction of Power

              Toby Movie reflects that it is always easy to do a wrong thing for the first time, then it is always harder eventually. But to do the right thing is hard for the first time but it always gets easier. However, at so many points in the movie you counter the actions the protagonist takes again and again and again. The antagonist is the perfect example of how destruction can lure you into the depths you can’t imagine and thought of ever and by the time you want to return, it’s too late. The usual games of deceit, power, corruption and exploitation of the poor by the powerful goons is something that clearly binds the story from the start. You can read more about the movie here.

The Reflection of Karma

              Karma is a bitch and sometimes we face all our doings in the same lifetime. Though you wish the ending could have been different or happier you only end up agreeing to the end shown in the movie. Sometimes your miseries and misdoings only end with the end of life because you realize you are no longer the person who could have done better. The highlight of the movie is the one scene when Toby goes in search of his daughter at the same place where he has visited so many times before to dissolve others. Of course, it only hurts and you know where exactly it hurts when it happens to you, no matter how many times, you might have done unto others and justified it to yourself.

Something to Think

The agony of one single man Toby makes you think how action of a single man affects the different lives he is connected too. And when the misfortune stuck, its not the only man who is affected but everyone equally and sometimes worse who are connected with him. You wonder if its the lack of education, a emotionally disturbed childhood or a lack of awareness that makes man who is is and becomes what he becomes towards his journey of life. How there is a part of society which is sparsely noticed but yet deeply impacted by the gross realities of the society. You can find review of other movies here and watch the official trailer of the movie here

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