Power of Budha Dev: The most playful of the 9 planets

Budha Dev one of the Navagraha’s, which together govern and also have an influence on the human destinies, is one of the most playful planets of the nine celestial bodies. The power of Budha Dev impacts various aspects of the Human Life. Mercury is the planet that mostly influences our speech, communication, and intelligence.

Symbolism of Budha Dev

Budha Dev is often personified as the youngest deity with the playfulness residing on the chariot of horses. Mercury is associated with a green complexion and is also known as the prince of all the Navagraha’s. ‘Budh’ is a Sanskrit word which means wisdom. Mercury is also associated with the wisdom and communication of a human being because these aspects of a living being are highly influenced by the ability of a person to learn, understand, interpret, and express the knowledge and intelligence one has.

Astrology insights of Budha Dev

Vedic astrology places a lot of significance on the Budha Dev. Mercury is considered to be one of the benefic planets in Vedic astrology in the charts of the individual. Human beings with strong affluence of mercury in their birth charts indicate a very strong intelligence and wit of an individual. People with Budha dev in favorable places indicate a strong ability in the person to thrive and adapt to any events and circumstances in their lives.

Spirituality and Budha Dev

Budha dev also signifies the mindfulness and meditative nature of a person. Mercury is one of the most important planets for gaining inner peace and mental clarity. Hence people with strong Mercury influence echo strong traits of mindful living and even meditation. Budha has a proximity to the sun and its navigation in the morning and night skies signifies the cyclical nature of our thoughts and emotions back and forth.

Wisdom of Budha Dev

Budha Dev helps one enhance the wisdom of oneself along the life journey. Wisdom and intelligence are required for growth and effective for navigating through life’s ups and downs. The innate curiosity of the person to know more about is influenced by Mercury. The mercury in one’s chart makes them curious to understand and know the depth of any subject. Strong mercury in a person’s chart makes them inquisitive about all the things around leading them to ask questions about things and phenomena.

Inner Quest of Budha Dev

Budha Dev is associated with the meditative aspects of the living beings which in turn helps a person to instill inner quietness and stillness amidst the chaos of daily life. Mercury helps a person to persist in the path of continuous learning in their lives thus helping the person to seek knowledge. Knowledge and wisdom of a subject ensures a person to outgrow the current challenges of their life to weave a better future for themselves thus changing their destiny.

Parallels to Cultural Mythology

Bhudha graha is also revered as a winged messenger of God in Roman Mythology. Hence the significance of Mercury cannot be ignored. Across the culture, mercury is associated with nimbleness and eloquence thus strengthening the connection with the excellence in communication and rapid movement attributed to the planet. Budha Dev’s association is not only limited to Roman Mythology but is also associated with different cultures across the world. As per the ancient Mesopotamian cultures, the planet Mercury is also linked to the god of writing, wisdom, and communication which is the deity Nabu. Nabu’s reference can be traced back to the ancient human civilizations which were associated with scribes, scholars, and divinities in various other forms and variations.

Celestial Craftmanship

Budha graha apart from the eloquence of communication and intelligence that it is generally allied to, has to certain relation to the craftmanship and creative aspects of a human being. As per Norse mythology, the craft of Loki embodied the qualities of mercury. He could weave intrinsic tales and his storytelling abilities helped him devise solutions that made him to be a becoming a celestial craftsman. Thus the story of Loki was able to guide the celestial entities through their trials so human intelligence and creativity help them to thrive through the different trials and tribulations of life and come out victoriously through perceptive thinking abilities

Budha Dev and Dualities

Budha Dev’s proximity to the sun and the movement of the planet in the morning and night sky refers to the duality of life. Mercury appears as a morning and evening star in the sky transitioning quickly from one realm to another in a cyclical manner. The dual nature further emphasizes the dichotomy and interplay of light and darkness, ups and downs, clarity and confusion, knowledge and ignorance, and various other dual aspects of a person’s life.

Retrograde of Mercury

Budha Graha is also known as the planet of transformation in one’s life. The retrograde motion of the planet where the planet appears as moving backward in the sky has its importance. During these reverse motions of the planet in the celestial body, one has to go back to the phase of seeking deep hidden knowledge or discovering and connecting the dots of their destiny or calling. Thus even the backward movement of the planet guides us to seek the gem of truth thus showing that even severe setbacks and breakdowns in our lives can pave a path to higher good or reveal our true destiny in times of adversity.

What is the power of Budha Graha

A strong placement of Mercury in one’s chart can take the person well ahead in endeavors that require strong communication skills and mental acuity. Mercury also emphasizes the transient nature of life in general and reminds us that everything in nature is temporary. Weak mercury poses a challenge to a person from interpreting knowledge and expressing themselves through proper communication or challenges in articulating their ideas clearly, but in turn, helps them to overcome these challenges to seek higher growth and transformation in life through these challenges. For more information on the physical aspects of the planet visit the link. For more information on other planets visit the link.

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