Healthy Alternatives

You don’t just get addicted to good things rather you get addicted to bad things sooner and faster and longer. Even when you know something drains your energy, you feel bad when you empty that out of your life. You don’t have to doubt your decision, you just need to understand those are mere habits … Read more

Watch your vocabulary

We often don’t realize that we use too much of not so pleasant words like ‘should’, ‘but’, ‘if’, ‘shit’, ‘terrible’ etc. Have you ever wondered these words come out of our mind by default. We seem to have clearly left out the humungous vocabulary of wonderful amazing incredible words behind. Maybe now its time to … Read more

You are not alone

You don’t have to carry all the load yourself. You are always cared for even when you don’t see, hear or understand. Simply trust the process and believe in the greater good. Just keep walking the path and any next moment could be the answer to your prayers!


You are far more fortunate than you think, when you have food to eat, cloths to wear and shelter to live in with peace. Everything else is a bonus!