Beauty of Time Being Things…

It feels like…

Like the glimpse of shining stars that attracts the eyes, but is too far away from the land
Like the moon that follows all along the way, but cannot walk with you hand in hand

Like the smell of flower which remains in the palm, but vanishes with passing time
Like the ray of light which helps seek the route, but gets lost in darkness with the climb

Like the water you try to hold in hands, but eventually slips through the gaps
Like the sand you try to close in the fists, the tighter you hold it escapes the grasp

Like the dew drops that lies on the grass, but dissolve into grounds when you walk around
Like the waves that touches your toes, but runs away the moment you try to catch hold

Like the banks of the same river which run parallel, but in real would never collide
Like the hope which is there till the heart is alive, but the reality that can never come to life

Like the cool breeze that touches your face, but disappears before you open your eyes
Like the illusions you feel in each of the moments, appearing true in the dress of lies

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