That Missing Piece of Life!

Long ago, I lost some precious piece of my life. I tried and searched it everywhere possible but somehow couldn’t find it. People told me that part of my life is lost somewhere where I would never find it back. I ceased to believe that its lost forever. I kept searching for it or maybe I am still in search of it.

Maybe that is human to keep searching. When we don’t find the missing part. We start searching it outside our own little world. We try to search for it in all the different things we encounter, the places we go and the people we meet. Even the slightest fear that we would never find it makes us go numb.

We begin on an entirely new journey. We then intend to see the missing piece in various different forms. Even the tiniest of hope that relates to something we have always been seeking contends us. If not the exact image then the abstract image is enough to get along with life.

But as with everything else in life. This newly found image fades out slowly slowly and gradually no matter how hard we try. And we begin in the new journey all over again. The search never ends and the hope never fades. The journey seems endless and the search ends only with our lives!

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