The Power of Surya Dev: Master of 9 Planets

The Significance of Sun:

The Sun’s brilliance and radiance are the first things that come to mind when we think of it. The major source of life on Earth is the sun. We also refer to the Sun as our soul. Let us look at the Vedic Story and significance of the Planet Sun in our lives and the power of Surya Dev through the lens of our ancient mythology.

The Power of Surya Dev through the lens of ancient mythology

The Chariot Driver:

The Sun God, Surya Dev, is portrayed in the Vedic mythology as being in charge of steering the golden chariot across the heavens. The chariot represents time, the ultimate reality of existence, and the cyclical aspect of life. The chariot’s seven horses stand for the seven days of the week. The sun’s journey represents our own journey from ignorance to enlightenment and from darkness to light. The light that leads our souls on their journey

The Health Provider:

In Ayurveda and a lot of ancient systems of medicine, sunlight is also considered as a source of healing. Sunlight is believed to purify the mind body and soul of living beings, thus causing holistic healing and well-being. Surya is the significator of the physical and spiritual health of living beings. Hence the advice to sit and soak in the early morning sunlight by our ancestors across the generations and even now persists.

The Life Force Giver:

The sun is the primary and only source of light for all the living forms in the universe. Surya Dev is the energy that nurtures life on earth and is a spiritual metaphor for awakening the light of our souls. As the Sun’s rays help breed life on the earth, so does the soul breed through the spiritual consciousness.  The Vedic Philosophy refers to the Sun as inner wisdom in each of us. Symbolically Surya is the light that guides us to self-realization in our spiritual journey through dispelling the darkness of ignorance and unawareness.

The Dharma Dev:

Surya Dev signifies the dutifulness and righteousness. No matter what the situation, the sun always rises in the morning and sets in the evening adhering to its responsibilities of life-giving force. Hence moral principles and righteousness are closely associated with the Sun, and abiding by our duties and righteousness in our daily life also enhances our journey towards our spiritual progress towards our purpose in life.

The Spiritual Teacher:

Surya Dev is also revered as a divine teacher and a lot of ancient mythology signifies the Sun’s role as a teacher. Sun is considered a spiritual guru who can guide you in the quest for truth with divine knowledge and wisdom. One of the most powerful mantras, the Vedic hymn, Gayatri Mantra is addressed to Sun God for the divine brilliance.

The Significance of Eclipse:

The solar and lunar eclipses are given a lot of significance in Vedic mythology. These occurrences are said to take place in the cosmos when the cosmic deities Rahu and Ketu attempt to destroy the Surya Dev and are saved by divine intervention. Thus, when cosmic energy are disturbed, eclipses are the result. As a result, it symbolizes the interplay between light and darkness in everyone’s life across the cosmos. You can learn more about the Surya

The Spiritual Meaning of Sun:

The sun is a cosmological representation of strength and power in addition to being a planet. With the understanding of enlightenment, Surya is the light that leads us from the darkness to the light, banishing the darkness. The heavenly teacher of Dharma who will ultimately guide us to self-realization is Surya Dev. The next time you observe the sun in the sky, keep in mind to take in both the light it emits as well as the profound wisdom that encompasses and unites the entire cosmos. You can read more other planets within our Navagraha here.

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