The Sun

When you see sun for the first time

You are amazed by the huge giant star that it is, in itself

You wonder at the generosity of it to light the whole earth

You appreciate its selflessness to rise day after day

The more you try to look at it the more you realize

It gives all of itself and never asks for anything in return

You ask yourself if anyone can replicate its traits

You have concluded that it is one of its kind

You think it is a form of God on earth

But when you look at the same sun for too long

You realize the you have lost sight of everything else in surrounding

So illumined by the fire and brightness of the sun

That everything around you reflects fire and light

You do not see anything clearly for a while

Finally, it dawns to you that you have been stuck on the star for too long

Nevertheless, if you keep seeing it for long, it may destroy you

You just have to unplug your vision and detour to other beautiful things

Maybe nothing is worth being stuck onto not even the sun itself.

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