Life..just the way it is!

Yesterday I got down at the railway station to board a connecting train. The platform was grimly crowded. I started walking upward towards the bridge. Just as I was drenched in tiredness, suddenly my eyes fell on a small baby girl. She was held by an adult maybe her fellow family member and was just in front of me.
She kept staring towards me, puzzled by her starry eyes. I wondered if she was staring me or someone around me. When I looked around only then I realised she was looking at me. Her continuos stare somehow annoyed me. I thought why wouldn’t the baby smile rather than simply staring.
Suddenly it clicked to me that even I had a blank expression on my face and did not have a smile at all. I managed to try and smile at her and just as I smiled at her. She gave a big smile too. And it was beautiful. Indeed the most beautiful heartly smile!
Nothing special happened above. It was just a mudane incident which could happen with anyone anywhere. But some how she seemed and reminded me of life. Maybe life happens to us in the same way. When we stare and wonder why is life so lame and pale, it continues to give us the same expressions back. But its only when we smile at life…it smiles back in the most beautiful way!

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